Safety Information

The most important safety feature of the vehicle is the driver, please treat him with respect, they are there to ensure you arrive at your destination safely and comfortably.

There are 2 exits on the vehicle, the passenger door and the drivers door. Please ensure the aisle is kept clear and that you store all clothing and belongings in the storage compartments underneath the berths. No footwear is allowed in the berths. In the unlikely event of an emergency please make your way to the exit doors. There is also a break glass hammer located in the sun roof should the main door be inaccessible.

We ask that you remain in your berth for the entirety of the journey. If the vehicle is to break suddenly you will be safe within your berth - these are not fitted with seatbelts as these are rearward facing. Only one person per berth please.

There is no toilet onboard - a 45 minute break will be scheduled at a maximum of 4.5 hours at a roadside service station, or sooner if requested by the hirer.

There is no smoking or use of electronic cigarettes allowed on the vehicle. The fire extinguisher and first aid kit are located behind the drivers seat, and they will use it on you if there are any signs of smoke in the aisle or berths.

We want to maximise the comfort of your journey. Each berth is equipped with draw curtains on both sides to eliminate light and noise from within the vehicle. The driver will control the heating of the aisle, or if you wish to cool use the air con opening in the roof of your berth.

Each berth comes with a reading light with a small switch on the circular chrome, and power ports both 3 pin and USB. To ensure you get a good nights sleep we advise that you put your mobile phone in the magazine rack and put on silent. Short wavelength blue light from portable devices has been proven to reduce your sleep quality from halting production of sleeping inducing hormone melatonin.

Once the vehicle begins the journey the main aisle light will be switched off and the blue UV light will illuminate the aisle. After 30 minutes this will also be switched off to ensure you are able to sleep without light interference.

30 minutes before arriving at your destination the UV light and radio will be switched on to gradually awaken you, ready for your day ahead. In the magazine rack there are Travel by Knight facial wipes so you can freshen up in the morning and there is a mirror in the rear above the microwave. Breakfast wraps, fresh fruit and bottles of water/juice are available.

Please keep the vehicle tidy, there are rubbish bags located on the coat hangers by each of the top berths. You may hang outdoor jackets by these hooks or the hooks located at the front by the driver and the entrance door.

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